Mobile telephone holder

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Mobile telephone holder

This mobile telephone holder allows you to iron and stay connected. Follow your ironing coach, enjoy your music, watch your favorite TV show or call someone in complete comfort.

Your mobile device is held securely in place. All you need to do is choose the perfect position for it on your Laurastar ironing system.








Suitable for the following ironing systems:

Laurastar S4a, Laurastar S5a, Laurastar S6a, Laurastar S7a, Laurastar Pulse, Laurastar Go, Laurastar Go +, Laurastar Pulse Anniversary Edition, Laurastar Smart U, Laurastar Smart M, Laurastar Smart I, Laurastar S, Laurastar S PLUS, Laurastar S XTRA, Laurastar Smart M Limited Edition

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