Good weather is returning and so is the heat. Spring brings renewal and fills us with energy! It’s also the traditional time for the yearly deep clean of our homes, and at times, the task can seem arduous. How to make sure you don’t forget anything and where to start? Follow the guide!

Before the big clean, ask for help

Don’t hesitate to get the whole family involved! Provide enough equipment for everyone: gloves, buckets, brushes, bin bags, cloths, sponges, etc.
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Common cleaning tasks in all rooms

There are certain tasks that need to be done in every room of your home. To make sure you don't forget anything, check this list!
  • Floors: vacuum and wash. Carefully move any furniture and carpets to reach difficult areas;
  • Windows: clean them with a glass cleaner. Wipe the interior and exterior frames with a sponge;
  • Lights: dust them off, including light bulbs and lampshades;
  • Door handles, switches and radiators: clean them well with a cloth;
  • Fabrics: wash blankets, carpets, duvet covers, cushion covers, cuddly toys and other fabrics;
  • Small electronics: clean remotes, phones, and clocks with a cloth soaked in well-diluted bleach;
  • Make a list of any odd jobs: a squeaky door, broken light bulb, leaking tap, rickety cupboard, etc. If you're good at DIY, it's up to you! Otherwise, you can call on a friend or a professional.

Specific household tasks, room by room

Here is a small summary of everything that will need to be cleaned from top to bottom in each room of your house.
The kitchen
  • Extractor fan, hob, oven and microwave: degrease and clean;
  • Fridge: throw away any expired or questionable products and thoroughly clean inside;
  • Freezer: if needed, thaw it out;
  • Small appliances: clean the toaster, kettle, coffee machine, etc. White vinegar is very effective in removing limescale;
  • Cupboards and drawers: take everything out and clean well;
  • Food cupboards: throw away any expired products and clean out;
  • The top of furniture: use a stepladder to dust;
  • Sink and taps: thoroughly clean with white vinegar to remove any limescale;
  • Bin: scrub with bleach.
The bathroom
  • Tile grouting: scrub with white vinegar or bicarbonate of soda;
  • Taps and sink: thoroughly clean with white vinegar to remove any limescale;
  • Shower and bath: scrub from top to bottom with a cleaning product to remove any traces of mould. Clean the plug. Scrub the glass with white vinegar;
  • Bathroom cabinet: sort out any medication and expired products;
  • Mirror: clean with a glass cleaner.
The toilet
  • Toilet bowl: clean with a suitable product;
  • Lid: change if necessary;
  • Flush button: thoroughly disinfect.
Living rooms
  • Curtains: put them in the washing machine or take them to the dry cleaners. You can also purify them without taking them down with the IZZI hygienic steamer and its hygienic DMS steam;
  • Furniture: empty them out and dust them off;
  • Mattresses: vacuum them and eliminate dust mites with the Laurastar DMS steam for example;
  • Decorative objects: dust them off or put them in the dishwasher, if possible.