Your clothes can become damaged from being worn, washed and spin-dried. Taking care of them can be a real challenge, especially when you love them and want to wear them for as long as possible! Find out here how Laurastar products make it easier to look after your clothes, from ironing to steaming, as well as disinfecting fabrics. For a flawless look at all times, as well as true everyday comfort.
10 (great) reasons to choose Laurastar to take care of your clothes

Quality and performance

N° 1

Professional results: Laurastar's all-in-one ironing systems and steam generators provide professional results at home. Challenging creases are removed in the blink of an eye: dry cleaning quality is guaranteed!

N° 2

Saves time: The exclusive features of Laurastar products save valuable time. Enjoy perfect results from the first time you iron. It’s innovative, efficient and quick. Don't have time to get the ironing board out? Laurastar irons and steamers can be used vertically to prepare your clothes in just a few seconds, right before you leave.
Saves time

N° 3

Laundry care: Laurastar Dry Microfine Steam provides unique, thorough care of materials. All types of fibres, even the most delicate, are plumped up, enhanced and refreshed as they rediscover their most beautiful radiance.

N° 4

Zéro effort : Whether it’s the active ironing board with a vacuum and blower system to avoid creases, or the iron of the steam generator that perfectly follows the shape of a garment, everything is designed to make your life easier. Did you know that you can even iron your sheets directly on the bed? Ironing will become a true joy... just like sleeping in a fresh, clean and ironed bed.
Quality and performance

Innovation and technology

N° 5

Protected materials: With the protective soleplate, dark or delicate fabrics are protected from iron marks or shiny patches. And thanks to the unique temperature, you no longer need to worry about burning your clothes because of the thermostat.
Hygienic steam

N° 6

Hygienic steam: Laurastar DMS eliminates bacteria, viruses and fungi while also significantly reducing odours. It is especially effective in killing clothes moths, including their eggs, which can help prevent or avoid their spread.

N° 7

Cleaning of delicate fabrics: Some materials cannot be washed at 60°C. As a result, bacteria survive and are not destroyed. After washing, the steam gently disinfects these delicate items. It is especially effective for maintaining personal hygiene as it decontaminates underwear, as well as gloves and coats, which are rarely washed despite being with us wherever we go, including on public transport.


N° 8

Without chemicals: Laurastar DMS is natural, its use has no negative impact on your health or the environment. It therefore has the benefit of reducing the use of chemicals on clothes and in everyday life.

N° 9

Less machine washing: Laurastar products also reduce the number of machine washes needed, reducing the wear and tear on fibres. Laurastar’s exclusive steam refreshes and deodorises clothes. As a result, unpleasant odours—from food, cigarettes or bacteria—are significantly reduced. It also means you reduce your need for dry cleaning, so you can save money!

N° 10

Stop obsolescence: all our products are designed to last. They can be repaired for at least 10 years. Laurastar takes care of your clothes but also of our planet by fighting against planned obsolescence. And that’s another good reason to choose Laurastar.
Stop obsolescence
At Laurastar, we know that when you try our products, you’ll want to keep them. We offer you the opportunity to take advantage of our “100-Days Satisfied or Your Money Back” offer. Discover which product is right for you.