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Why use Laurastar hangers and protective covers?

You may not realise it, but the way you store your clothes can have a big impact on their appearance and lifespan. Having the right hangers can make a real difference. Not only do they allow you to hang your clothes neatly so they don't crease, but they also save you time and space.

Not only elegant, Laurastar hangers are specially designed to help you best organise your wardrobe. Their special design and soft-touch coating keep even the most delicate items in place. They are perfect for keeping your freshly ironed clothes looking good. Laurastar hangers are the perfect accessories for Laurastar all-in-one systems and steam generators, all of which are equipped with Laurastar DMS to take care of your clothes, plumping them up and restoring their original beauty with each ironing session.

Do you have clothes that need special care while travelling? Don't take any chances. The Laurastar garmet travel bag protects your most beautiful items of clothing when you travel. The high-quality pouch will keep all your suits, shirts, dresses, etc. crease-free.

What are the different types of hangers?

There are several types of hangers available, which can be classified according to the garments they are designed for:

Hangers for tops and dresses

These are the most common type of hangers and are specially designed for tops, shirts or casual dresses. They usually have a small notch or special coating on each side to prevent clothes from slipping off. They are made of wood, metal, plastic, and fabric.

Hangers for trousers

When you've just ironed your trousers, the last thing you want is to get them creased again. However, when you fold them and store them flat in the wardrobe, that's exactly what happens: they come out full of creases! Hangers for trousers have a horizontal bar that is perfect for hanging trousers and maintaining an optimal, crease-free shape. They are usually reinforced to support the weight of a full suit.

Hangers for jumpers and coats

People don't usually iron jumpers, cardigans, jackets and coats. They are often hung on hooks, which deforms them over time. Hangers made for these items are sturdier to support their weight, and have wider sides to hold their shape and keep their appearance impeccable.

Hangers for lingerie

These items are often more fragile and made of delicate fabrics. They need to be hung up to preserve their original beauty. Like hangers for tops, they should have a notch to prevent underwear from slipping off, but also a softer coating so as not to damage any lace.

Hangers for ties, scarves and belts

Hangers are not just for clothes. In fact, they are extremely useful for organising ties, scarves and belts! These types of hangers come in different shapes, materials and sizes depending on the items they are designed for. A non-slip coating will often help.

The advantage of Laurastar hangers is that they combine all these features and can be used universally in your wardrobe for all types of clothing in the best possible way.

How do you choose the best hangers?

Choosing the right hanger means first of all thinking about the type of clothes you have and the available space. Once you have identified your needs, here are the three most important things to look for when buying new hangers:

The components

There are many different types of hangers, ranging from wire, wood, plastic and felt. Avoid metal hangers as much as possible, which often come with your clothes when they leave the dry cleaners. Not only do they break easily, but they can damage clothes and make it difficult to organise a wardrobe by getting tangled up. It's best to go for soft, sturdy materials. What you need is a non-slip hanger that will support your garment no matter how heavy it is.

Available space

If you have a large wardrobe, wooden hangers with a soft-touch coating are the best option. They are versatile, sturdy and look stylish. On the other hand, if you have a small wardrobe, velvet hangers are the best option. Although they are less versatile and sturdy, they are thinner and will save space while still looking good. If you are really short on space, consider buying a clothes organiser or space-saving options that allow you to hang several items at once.

Type of clothing

The larger and heavier your clothes are, the more support they will need. This is an advantage of wooden hangers, which are sturdier and can hold larger items such as coats or suits. If you have V-neck or strapless items of clothing, non-slip hangers, either wooden or velvet, are the best choice.

Laurastar hangers are designed to optimally organise your wardrobe. Their wooden structure makes them strong enough to support all your items, regardless of their shape and weight. Non-slip with a soft-touch coating, they will support even your most delicate clothes. Their matt black design and matt black colour make them very stylish and will enhance your wardrobe down to the last detail.

Why use clothing covers?

Clothing covers are practical accessories to prevent clothes from creasing, but also to protect them from sunlight, dust, moisture, pests, etc. There are several different types of clothing covers, each with their own specific advantages. The two most common types are storage covers and travel covers.

Storage covers are mainly used to keep your clothes in good condition. They protect your clothes from unwanted pests, sunlight, moisture or even worse, mould. They help you to organise your wardrobe properly, by using different coloured covers for example.

Travel covers are used to protect your most beautiful items of clothing such as suits and dresses. They make it easier to transport delicate items and save you from having to iron them again when you arrive at your destination. They also separate your clothes from the rest of the suitcase to protect them from rubbing against zips or other clothes. Travel covers help to preserve the original beauty and elegance of your clothes with ease.