Smiling woman, a trusted Laurastar partner - testimonials and collaborations
  Smiling woman, a trusted Laurastar partner - testimonials and collaborations
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They chose Laurastar

Like the testimonials we receive, the partnerships and collaborations we develop reflect the excellence we constantly strive for. With shared values, we are grateful for the positive community that has formed around Laurastar. The awards we have won are proof of the quality of our products. Discover the people who have put their trust in us: from designers to talented individuals, partners and customers.

Eco-responsible fashion

Laurastar x Kévin Germanier

Like us, he is passionate about sustainable and high-quality fashion, 100% glamour and combining ethics and beauty, as well as passion and precision. A rising star in upcycling fashion, Kévin Germanier shares with Laurastar his Swiss origins, his taste for family work, but more than that: his ambition for a more eco-responsible and glamorous world.
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              Design by Kévin Germanier for his collaboration with the Swiss company Laurastar
“Laurastar and I share Swiss origins and common values: a love for beauty, excellence, sustainability and the importance of family. Working together is an obvious choice for me.”
— Kévin Germanier

                Chinese designer Guo Pei using a Laurastar iron on one of her designs at Paris Fashion Week.
Partner of haute couture

Guo Pei - in search of perfection

Laurastar's outstanding performance has made it the preferred choice of top designers. This includes the very contemporary and talented Chinese stylist Guo Pei, who rose to fame after designing the dress Rihanna wore to the 2015 Met Gala. Now also based in Paris, Guo Pei has become a leading figure in the world of haute couture. Her constant quest for beauty and perfection led her to choose Laurastar to add the final touch to her creations before the camera flashes start to pop.

Laurastar and Guo Pei at Paris Fashion Week
The talents of tomorrow

We support the HEAD - Geneva

Supporting young designers who are focused on ethical and innovative fashion and who embody the renewal of beauty and style is essential for Laurastar. Thinking about tomorrow also means planning for the next generation. This is why we support the Geneva University of Art and Design, whose local presence in Switzerland and global influence echo the mission we have set ourselves in this partnership: to offer the talents of tomorrow the opportunity to achieve their ambition of excellence.

                HEAD student using a Laurastar steam generator to perfect every detail of his new creation.
“Winning the Laurastar x HEAD award is an incredible opportunity for me to take my Master’s collection beyond my expectations.”
— Thomas Clément
Caritas Genève

Laurastar highlights L'Upcyclerie

Laurastar is proud to support Caritas Genève and its brand L'Upcyclerie, a bold initiative combining sustainable fashion and social inclusion. Imagine an exclusive collection of clothing, accessories, and items made in Geneva from second-hand materials, offering training and employment opportunities to those in need. Together, let's create fashion that transcends the boundaries of style, sustainability, and solidarity.
Support Caritas Genève
Laurastar highlights L'Upcyclerie
Pascale Allaert

Meilleur Ouvrier de France

Pascale Allaert, Best Craftsman in France Linen and Textile Care, chooses Laurastar for its relentless pursuit for excellence. With recognized expertise, Pascale Allaert advocates Laurastar's state-of-the-art technologies which guarantee perfect results. Today, it is sought after by the best hotels, and our products are recognized for their reliability and performance that meet the requirements of the most prestigious environments. Laurastar is proud that our linen and textile care solutions are chosen by a professional of Pascale Allaert's stature, underlining the alignment of our values of excellence and quality craftsmanship.
Pascale Allaert, Best Craftsman in France, ironing a shirt with the Laurastar Smart all-in-one system
“Excellence is an imperative in my business, and Laurastar delivers it with its expertise and cutting-edge technologies. Their products guarantee perfect laundry care, without compromise.”
— Pascale Allaert

Recommended by the people who care for you

Laurastar has been putting professional quality into homes for over 30 years. So it's no surprise that professionals use and recommend our exclusive solutions for ironing and disinfecting materials, objects and surfaces.
Stronger together

They work with us

Nothing can be done alone, everything must be done together to achieve our values. At Laurastar, we have the pleasure of being surrounded by the right people. It is through the trust and expertise of our partners that we are able to provide the highest quality of service to our customers.

                          Logos of all renowned companies that have chosen Laurastar as their hygiene or ironing partner.
Your trust

Your testimonials

Laurastar is now the world leader in high-end steam systems, with over 3 million products sold in over 40 countries worldwide. Thanks to its unique Dry Microfine Steam technology and the products’ features—quality, longevity, ergonomics, ease of use, design—to name but a few, their customers are left satisfied. And for us, this is essential.

                          Laurastar Smart irons, the Lift and the IGGI steamer, all received awards such as the Red Dot or iF Design awards.
Award-winning excellence

Technology and design

We have always chosen to make high-quality products accessible for everyone to enhance your life. Embodying excellence means combining expertise and innovative power with design skills. Characterised by their unique shapes and elegant colours, Laurastar appliances stand out for their perfect results and aesthetics. Recognised and award-winning design excellence for over 40 years.

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