Laurastar backstage

Laurastar had the incredible opportunity to attend the unveiling of Guo Pei’s Haute Couture Autumn/Winter 2019/2020 collection, and be in the front row as well as backstage for all of its rare and radiant moments. Guo Pei unveiled the collection at the Paris Ecole des Beaux-Arts in the magnificent glass courtyard where everyone is involved: the designer herself, models, make-up artists, technicians; every detail counts. For several years now, Guo Pei entrusts her pieces to the delicate soleplates of Laurastar’s ironing systems, so reliable and so powerful, to give each panel, each fold and each silhouette designed and created by this great artist the most beautiful sheen.

A Chinese fashion designer who surpasses all boundaries

You might already know Guo Pei, nowadays a major figure in global fashion and one of the few Chinese designers to have been invited into the very exclusive Chambre Syndicale of Haute Couture in Paris. Elected in 2016 by Time Magazine as one of the top 100 most influential people in the world, Guo Pei is passionately and viscerally Chinese. She brings to contemporary fashion a modernity and an open-mindedness worthy of the greatest. She is wholeheartedly compared to the audacious Alexander McQueen or the innovative Charles James.
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Guo Pei caught the attention of the Western world through Rihanna

During the 2015 Metropolitan Museum of New York gala, the entire world discovered her. That year, with China as guest of honour, Rihanna exhibited a majestic robe in canary tones adorned with fur and a circular train. More than 50,000 hours of work were required to give birth to this masterpiece weighing around 25 kg. The singer was accompanied by three people to help carry the impressive train. This extraordinary creation had a massive impact and even made the cover of Vogue’s special issue.
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Ancestral and essential inspirations

Inspired by the style of the traditional Chinese imperial court, Guo Pei’s creativity is expressed in gold thread, handmade embroidery and long robes with trains. It is imprinted with floral, feminine symbols along with mythological symbols that evoke purity, life and death. Original and fragile fabrics complete this vision with high-quality craftsmanship. Thus, Guo Pei uses natural materials such as pineapple fibres, a precious material from the Philippines, and explores different sewing and folding techniques to create an individual, elegant and dreamlike world. Guo Pei entrusts the final touch of her creations to Laurastar, because nothing is more delicate than the final beautifying gesture when going from backstage into the spotlight.