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How do you choose an ironing board cover?

Is your current cover damaged or do you want to buy a new one for your new ironing board? Not sure how to choose a new one? Depending on the type of product, there are many different options, from cotton to polyester, the type of padding, thickness of the ironing board cover, attachment and adjustment method, (with retractable cords, fastening clips or elastic ties) colour, etc. Also, if you have a vacuum, heating or blower system – these time-saving features will also affect your choice of ironing board cover. We know that ironing boards vary in size and shape, so you'll need a cover that fits your ironing board perfectly. Whatever the size and shape of the ironing board you need a cover for, whether you opt for a fabric board cover or a protective cover, follow this comparison guide to find the one that suits you best.

Discover our ironing board covers

All Laurastar ironing board covers are specifically designed to guarantee unrivalled laundry care. As well as being comfortable to use, our covers add a smart touch to your equipment. Compact and fleecy, they are suitable for all types of boards to make ironing easier.

Do you have a Laurastar ironing board? Here is a comparison chart to help you find your new cover. Is your ironing board a different brand? In the next section you’ll find all the information you need to choose the best ironing board cover for you.

Laurastar ironing board covers comparison

Universal cover Mycover Mycover GO X-Treme cover
Laurastar SMART
x x x
Laurastar S PURE
x x x
Laurastar GO
x x
Laurastar ironing board Prestigeboard x x
Laurastar ironing board Plusboard x x x
Laurastar ironing board Comfortboard x x
Other brands: any table of standard dimensions x

What size cover is best for your ironing table?

First of all, you need to measure the ironing board, whether it’s a large, small or mini version without legs. Measure the length of the ironing board without taking into account the iron rest, hanger or steam cord holder – these accessories don’t affect the size of the cover. Whether it is foldable, height-adjustable or fixed is also irrelevant when choosing a cover as it only applies to the metal top. For the width, you should measure the widest part of the board. As for the shape, you just have to note whether it is rectangular or round. In order to tuck the cover under the board and for it to be securely fastened, allow at least an extra 5 cm in length and width. If you can’t find the right-sized cover or the measurements don’t match, you can opt for a slightly larger model or a universal cover with elastic ties that will fit the ironing board perfectly.

There are three types of adjustable cover fastenings: choose between retractable cords, elastic ties or fastening clips. The elastic tie system is easier to fit on extra large boards, while the adjustable cord system makes it easier to adjust the tautness of the cover. It is important to secure the cover to the board so that it does not move when using the iron.

Why do you need a cover on your ironing board?

A proper ironing board cover makes ironing easy and gives optimal results. This is because the cover distributes the steam evenly over the entire ironing surface of the board, meaning that the creases in clothes can be removed more quickly after washing and drying. Although not all models have the same technical specifications, they all improve ironing comfort and increase ironing efficiency. Whether it’s a universal, tailor-made or premium model, it is attached to the board using an adjustable cord or elastic tie. It is also important that the cover is pulled tight so the iron glides smoothly over it.

A thick cover fitted directly onto the ironing board keeps clothes in good condition without the holes of the ironing board leaving a mark on them. In principle, the cover should be 6 mm thick. If the cover is too thin, a fleece cushion can be placed underneath. Covers are composed of different layers of durable materials. As they are in repeated contact with the heat from steam generators or irons, these are the main types of materials they are made up of:

  • Fleece covers are made up of one, two or three layers of foam and fleece. This triple layer allows the iron to glide more smoothly over a large surface, making ironing easier. The different layers absorb moisture perfectly and retain the heat from the iron. Ideal for use with your steam generator iron!
  • Metallic cotton ironing covers are made up of a foam cushion, covered with a cotton fabric that has an aluminium coating. The metallic cotton cover reflects heat and steam well, making it easier to iron clothes on both sides in one go. These covers save time and energy.
  • Partially or fully flame-resistant materials are very resistant to high temperatures. They have special protective qualities so a hot iron can be placed on the board for long periods of time. For example, the X-Tremecover, which is exclusive to Laurastar, is made from a highly resistant material that is used in the production of protective work clothing, such as that used by firemen. Completely heat resistant, it is recommended by ironing professionals.

You can choose the design of an ironing board cover to suit your taste. Depending on whether you store it in the laundry room or the living room, the design will be different. If you are an ironing enthusiast, you can have several different covers to mix and match: turquoise, light grey, multicoloured, striped or random patterns, the choice of design is personal. The only requirement is that the ironing board cover is ergonomic, made of non-slip and heat-resistant materials and good value for money. Laurastar covers are unique creations with designs that are popular with their users.

When should I change my ironing board cover?

Even if your ironing board cover is not stained or damaged, it should be changed regularly. Over time, the upper and inner cotton layers of your cover will compress. Often invisible to the naked eye, these layers greatly influence the quality of your ironing. If you iron with a cover that is too worn, not only will ironing be less effective, but even worse, it could stain or damage your clothes.

When to change your ironing board cover therefore depends on how often you use your iron. Depending on the number of people in your household and the amount of ironing you do, you may iron more or less than the average. A good rule of thumb for about 1 hour of ironing a week is to change your cover every 5 years.

Opting for a machine-washable cover is ideal for extending its life and restoring its colours. All Laurastar ironing board covers can be put in the washing machine at 30°C without spin-drying. This way, they retain their original shine and brighten up your ironing board throughout their life.