1) If you own a Laurastar ironing system (such as Laurastar S4a, Laurastar S5a, Laurastar S6a, Laurastar S7a, Laurastar Pulse, Laurastar S, Laurastar S PLUS, Laurastar S Xtra or Laurastar Smart):
- Insert the plug in the socket.
- Press the on/off switch to turn on the ironing system. Wait 3 to 6 minutes until the green indicator light comes on and the orange light goes off.


2) If you own an ironing system Laurastar Go or Laurastar Go +:
- Insert the plug in the socket.
- Press the On/Off switch, the blue indicator light will flash for 8 to 10 minutes.
- When the blue indicator light stops flashing and remains on, the appliance is ready.

3) If you own a steam generator Laurastar Lift, Lift Xtra or Laurastar Lift +:
- Plug it in then press the on/off switch; the white indicator light will flash for 3 minutes.
- When the white light stops flashing, the Laurastar Lift is ready.

Tip: before ironing or after an extended break, press the steam button away from your fabrics 2 or 3 times to get rid of condensed water in the steam cord and to prevent water marks on the clothes.

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