Syncing problems are often related to requirements that have not been met. Please verify each of them before taking further action to resolve the problems.


Requirements to verify:

1. The Laurastar Smart App is installed on a compatible device.


2. Your Laurastar Smart is plugged in and turned on.


3. The software on your smartphone is up to date. To verify this, go to Settings > General > Software Update.


4. Bluetooth connectivity is activated on your smartphone. To verify this, go to Settings> Bluetooth.


5. Your smartphone is not managing other Bluetooth connections.

Bluetooth restrictions can prevent your smartphone from syncing with the Laurastar Smart App if your device is managing multiple Bluetooth connections at the same time. In addition to syncing irregularities, there can also be problems with interruptions due to permanent Bluetooth connections to headphones, hands-free kits, stereo audio outputs, connection sharing and file transfers.

If you use multiple smartphones to sync the Laurastar Smart App with Bluetooth, the other smartphone(s) should not be nearby (or the Bluetooth function on the device(s) should be deactivated).


Resolving the problem

If the Laurastar Smart App is still not syncing, try the following:

1. Force the Laurastar Smart App to quit.


On Android:

a) Open the Settings app on your device.

b) Tap on Apps.

c) Select the app from the list.

d) Tap on Force Stop.


On iOS:

a) Press twice on the Home button to display the apps that you have recently used.

b) Swipe left or right to locate the Laurastar Smart App.

c) Swipe upwards on the app preview to close the app.


2. Go to Settings > Bluetooth to deactivate the Bluetooth connection. Then reactivate it.


3. Open the Laurastar Smart App and try again to connect your Laurastar Smart.


4. If the Laurastar Smart App is still not connected to your Laurastar Smart, restart your smartphone and try to connect your Laurastar Smart again.


If the Laurastar Smart App still does not recognise your Laurastar Smart, try to connect from another smartphone to determine if the initial smartphone was responsible for the problem. If the problem is still not resolved, please contact technical assistance.

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