Laurastar DMS is:

15x more powerfulThanks to the professional iron, DMS is diffused 15 times faster than other steam generators, thereby providing the water molecules transformed into gas with exceptional energy. They then easily pass through the textile, transferring their accumulated heat and energy to the fibers and eliminating 100% of dust mites and 99.999% of bacteria.
100% gasAs it leaves the iron, DMS does not contain a single molecule of water in its liquid state. It leaves fabrics perfectly dry, preventing microorganisms from breeding.
1,600x more volumeWater heated to twice its boiling point is transformed into Dry Microfine Steam. It then acquires 1,600 times more volume at 138° C than liquid water, ensuring effective diffusion in a single movement, all while treating textiles with delicacy and leaving them looking fuller.
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