Ideas for Christmas? No worries!

Your loved one is just like you, he loves surprises. Especially good ones. So this year, it’s settled, you’re going to give him a real treat for Christmas. Like every year in fact. The problem is, he’s already got the best possible gift... you. But you’re not going to put yourself in a gift box. You’ve already tried that, but it’s not exactly practical. Whether he’s a pleasure-seeker, nature lover, city boy, techie or grooming expert, discover our selection of gifts. So you can prepare for the festive season while still remaining calm, here’s our men’s gift list for any budget.
Gift no.1

a table football set

Does he love playing football, hanging out with friends and playing tabletop games? Then the perfect solution is a table football set.
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Gift no.2

a gym membership

He talks about it often (especially at the start of the year), but actually going proves to be more difficult. With a membership, he’ll no longer be able to make excuses and you also send him a clear message.
Gift no.3

offer him a coach

Does he like to discover new activities and share household chores? Does he enjoy looking perfect every day? The Smart is exactly what he needs. With his virtual ironing coach, he will soon love ironing.
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Gift no.4

a video projector

The biggest trend of 2020 was staying at home. And binging on your favourite series. Give him a screen that’s bigger than any TV with a video projector. And on top, you’ll be able to enjoy it too.
Gift no.5

a new games console

No matter the brand, a new model seems to be released every year at Christmas. Is that just a coincidence? You’ll keep him happy, yourself and his friends too.
Gift no.6

upcycled clothing

Is he conscious about sustainable development and fighting against waste while still wanting to look good? More and more brands are now offering upcycled clothing that has been made entirely or partially from used materials. Nature is left more beautiful and so is he.
Gift no.7

a steamer

Does he like to look flawless? For a clean and stylish man, steam is his best friend. An easy-to-transport steamer like IGGI with its unique design is the perfect gift.
Have you already met IGGI?
Gift no.8

adopt a vine

Is he a wine connoisseur? More and more winegrowers now allow you to adopt a vine. Every year, he will receive a bottle of wine and be invited to a guided visit of the vineyard. His name will also be engraved on a plaque on the vine. Because just like wine, your partner ages well.
Gift no.9

an electric bike

Does he love nature and protecting the environment? Then an electric bike is made for him. It may be slightly more expensive, but it will quickly pay for itself when he uses it every day.