How to prepare for the most wonderful event of your life in the most beautiful way?

You're ready. Very ready. Super ready. Just a few weeks remain until the arrival of the man or woman of your life. Your first baby. Ever since you discovered you were pregnant, you've timed how long it takes to drive to the maternity ward, and in all types of weather. You've decorated your baby's future dream room which, in your objective opinion, is the most beautiful in the world. And you’ve already thought about the birth announcement cards without even mentioning it to the dad. Now it’s time to prepare your baby’s hospital bag for the trip to the maternity ward and the return home. On the big day, your mind will certainly be somewhere else, but don’t panic! A little common sense, such as following our advice, for example, is all that’s needed.
Tip No. 1

the standard list for boys and girls

For the maternity ward, we recommend that you take:
  • Several bodysuits that open in the front if possible so that they can be put on easier (babies don't like bodysuits that pass over their head; choose those that close with small clasps or snaps)
  • Disposable newborn nappies
  • Cloth nappies
  • A pair of mittens to prevent the baby from scratching his or her face
For returning home under the best conditions:
  • Several pairs of socks and a woolly hat to keep baby from getting cold
  • Wool baby vests or undershirts
  • A few sleepsuits
  • Two baby sleeping bags
  • Cotton pyjamas
  • Lots of bibs for frequent regurgitation
  • Two large towels or bath capes
  • One small wool or cotton blanket
  • A few fitted sheets for the crib and pushchair

And most importantly: your baby's first cuddly toy
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Tip No. 2

avoid clothes with collars

Up until the age of six months or even longer, babies practically have no neck to speak of. A baby's chin rests directly on his or her upper chest, and a collar ends up right in the mouth! This means that when baby drools or regurgitates, it’s the beautiful lace collar that absorbs it all.

Tip No. 3

call upon the goodwill of friends and family

Before running off to baby shops, check with all the mothers you know (sisters, friends cousins, etc.) since they may have clothes and useful equipment that you can have or borrow during your baby's first weeks of life.
Tip No. 4

don’t pick sizes too small

Don’t buy too much newborn-size clothing since your baby might be bigger than average when born. There’s no need to rush, your doctor can give you a rough idea of your baby's size in the final weeks of your pregnancy. Don't forget that your baby is going to grow quite fast. Don't buy too much clothing in advance since you may find yourself with clothes that are too small.
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Tip No. 5

choose natural materials

There's nothing in the world more delicate than a baby's skin. For the baby's hospital bag, it's preferable to choose natural fibres such as cotton, wool or linen over synthetic materials. All the stages that go into manufacturing and transforming fabrics involve using numerous products that may be irritating to newborns.
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