Laurastar GO

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Laurastar's all-in-one systems iron, plump and beautify your clothes effortlessly. The Laurastar Go range combines an active table with a steam generator. It's ideal for getting started with all-in-one systems.

An entry-level model, Laurastar GO is equipped with basic technologies for impeccable, easy and efficient ironing.

  • Impeccable results thanks to cutting-edge technologies
  • Respect for materials and colors with Laurastar DMS steam
  • Prevent wrinkles thanks to active table with blower and suction system
  • Textile disinfection with DMS steam that eliminates 99.99% of bacteria, viruses and 100% of dust mites*.
  • Easy to store, easy to move and ready in 3 minutes
  • MyCover Beige: easy ironing and optimum comfort
*certified by independent laboratories

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Dry Microfine Steam

Dry Microfine Steam

Laurastar DMS guarantees you a perfect result in half the time, treating fabrics gently by delicately plumping them and providing a hygienic effect at the heart of fibres that kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, and 100% of dust mites* through the simple act of ironing: Performance, care and hygiene thanks to steam that doesn’t leave your clothes wet and works 15 times faster than steam from standard steam generators.

*tests carried out by 3 independent laboratories certified ISO 17025

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Active board

Active board

Featuring a vacuum and fan system, the Laurastar active ironing board protects fabrics to the utmost all while breathing new life into your clothing. The fan system automatically holds the fabric in place on the board and creates an air cushion to prevent the formation of creases. As for the vacuum, it makes it possible for clothing to stay flat on the board, making it easy to iron creases.

Technical specifications

Safe storage space

Laurastar GO

  • Constant steam pressure, 3.5 bars
  • Unlimited autonomy while ironing.
  • Device power: 1800 W.
  • Ventilator power: 4 VA.
  • Steam ready light.


  • Aluminium iron soleplate, brushed finish.
  • Iron rest.
  • Iron weight: 1 kg.


Steam generator
  • Steam generator capacity: ~0.8 litres.
  • Tank empty light.


  • Anti-scale system.
  • Filtering jar with granules (optional accessory)


  • Dimensions of the surface: 119.5 x 36.5 cm
  • Dimensions when folded (H x L x W) 130 x 39 x 18 cm
  • Dimensions when unfolded (H x L x W) (79 - 95) x 130 x 39 cm
  • Height adjustable: 79 - 95 cm
  • Length of electric cable: 2 m.
  • Length of steam cord: 2.1 m.
  • Total weight: 12.7 kg.


  • High-quality Laurastar cover
  • A protective soleplate
  • Drain pan
  • Steam cord holder
  • Special insulating mat
  • Refill bottle

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( 6 opinion )
very good
By lamiya saidi the 15.12.2022
very good
Mein 2. Laurastar
By Jacqueline Hansé the 19.10.2022
Nach dem Auspacken des neuen Laurastar, stelle ich fast keinen Unterschied fest, zu meinem 1. Laurastar Magic, den ich nun nach 25 Jahren gewechselt habe. Ich werde morgen das 1 mal mit dem neuen Modell bügeln und freue mich darauf.
Ma deuxième Laurastar
By Emanuela Bistocchi the 21.9.2022
Après près de 20 ans avec ma première centrale à vapeur Laurastar, qui a accompagné notre famille sans jamais nous laisser en rade, je viens de changer pour le modèle GO, Elle semble parfaitement remplir sa mission. Un seul défaut, son système de pliage, ouverture/fermeture. Je la trouve moins maniable, j'ai du mal à la manipuler correctement sans la déséquilibrer et risquer de me prendre les doigts dans la fermeture,, Dommage
Merci pour le service
By SERGE DEMIERRE the 24.2.2022
Après six ans de service, les bouchons de remplissage et de vidange ont nécessité d'être remplacés. À ma très grande et bonne surprise, ces deux bouchons m'ont été envoyés gratuitement. Un tel service est devenu tellement rare qu'il mérite d'être mentionné. Avec mes remerciements.
Ma deuxième Laurastar
Après plus de 30 ans de bons et loyaux services, j'ai changé de Laurastar. J'espère qu'elle tiendra le coup aussi longtemps.
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