How to pack your suitcase before a trip: a simple formality or a real ordeal?

It's always the same each year before going on holiday; you have to think about what to pack in your suitcase. The suitcase remains empty on the floor while your clothes start piling up around you. It's hard to choose from your favourite clothes because they’re all favourites. And you never know, a certain outfit might come in handy if you happen to be invited to a party on a luxury yacht. Even if this has never happened, you can always dream. That’s what going on holiday is all about. And for some strange reason, your suitcase has the irritating tendency to get a little smaller each year. The result? Two hours later (in the best of cases), your suitcase still isn’t packed. Fortunately, we have a few tips to help you set out on the right foot.
Tip No. 1

choose your suitcase wisely

If you're going on a plane, opt for a hardside model that's waterproof and shock resistant. Just to avoid bad surprises. Ideally, it's better to select a suitcase with storage compartments. When selecting the right size, it's always better to go a little bigger so as to have a little more space and avoid additional bags. And to bring home souvenirs.
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Tip No. 2

a list in advance

Just like you do for shopping. By making a packing list before you go on holiday, you’ll make sure not to forget the essentials, and be less likely to bring along unnecessary items. And if you want to be even more organised, make a list of the clothes you're going to wear each day.

Tip No. 3

take only the clothes that you're going to need

The basic principle is to take fewer bottoms than tops. For example, you can wear the same jeans or shorts several times during your trip. Select your clothes according to the weather (don't forget to check the forecast before leaving) at your destination and the activities you plan to do. It would be a shame to miss out on a party or a magnificent hike because you forgot to pack a chic outfit or your hiking shoes.
Tip No. 4

how to pack your clothes?

Just fold your clothes in half, and then roll them up. It's the best technique not only for gaining space, but also protecting your clothes. You’ll be surprised at how much extra space you’ll have. And when you arrive, your clothes will hardly be wrinkled.
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Tip No. 5

how to protect fragile objects?

Place anything fragile between layers of clothing. For example, if you want to take home a bottle as a gift, roll it up within a thick item of clothing and place it between two layers. To prevent perfume from breaking and leaking on your clothes, put it in a sock. If you're still worried, put breakable objects inside two or even three socks!
Tip No. 6

optimise your empty space

Any empty space. Every nook and cranny counts, even the smallest and most unusual places. Particularly the space inside your shoes, which you can then store in shoe bags to keep them from falling out of the suitcase along with the clothes placed underneath them.
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