With the arrival of steamers and increasingly lightweight materials, your iron seems to have been left on the shelf. But did you know that ironing can save you time and energy, and even help look after your health. After you’ve read our three tips, you’re sure to find the perfect spot behind a door or in a cupboard to store this health and beauty device for you and your whole house. In fact, we’re willing to bet on it!
Tip No. 1

Believe in the power of minimal effort!

You can iron AND save your energy. All you need is to make sure you’re well equipped. That’s easy to say but what is the perfect equipment? At Laurastar, we can only recommend one of our all-in-one ironing systems, which combine an ironing board, iron and steam generator. They are modular, easy to install, store and fold, and also feature technology and accessories that will change your life! For example, the active ironing board is equipped with a blower system to pull the fabric tight and avoid the slightest crease; while the vacuum helps to perfectly position your clothing item for a longer-lasting result. Does zero effort sound good to you?
Tip No. 2

Focus on the result!

Admittedly, we’re living now in a time of casual, slightly unkempt or even downright messy looks. This current style is very subtle, and you are never too far from a wrong crease. So, you probably wouldn’t mind a little help, as long as it’s quick and easy! Ironing does have its advantages: perfectly crease-free materials, linen and cotton look their best, and most importantly the results last for a long time! This is because the heat of the iron, the strength of its steam and its very specific shape perfectly follow the shape of the clothes, deeply plump up their fibres, rejuvenate them and give them a lasting shine. So, who’s the king or queen of the ball?

Tip No. 3

Did you know when you iron you protect yourself and your loved ones?

When you think of ironing, you think of clothes. But since we now all want flexibility and to feel good, when we iron we can also take care our of cosy nest. Hygiene and cleanliness have an important part to play. Of course you can iron clothing. But you can also iron your household fabrics. High-powered hygienic steam, such as Laurastar’s DMS, provides long-lasting sanitisation of clothes, especially items that can’t be washed at high temperatures. When used on a pillowcase, towel or dish cloth, it eliminates unwanted bacteria, dust mites, insects and viruses. And it freshens up and deodorises laundry in the process. Rediscovering the joy of ironing ultimately means taking care of yourself, your style, your home and your loved ones. It also means protecting yourself. And it’s completely natural, which definitely makes you feel good!

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