How to properly wash your clothes and linens?

Let him or her who is without white T-shirts turned pink or favourite sweaters shrunk down cast the first sock! Do you consider yourself a washing machine expert? Perhaps you are, but don't we all feel just a little bit worried when taking our laundry out of the washing machine? If you want to show your washing machine who's boss, getting mad or banging on it isn't going to help. Everyone knows that “separating” is the key word for avoiding unpleasant surprises. But you still need to know what needs to be washed separately. It's easy. Just follow our tips below.
Tip No. 1

wash whites with whites

White is by far the most delicate colour. So to keep whites from becoming grey, they must be completely separated from the rest of the laundry. Striped clothes are allowed provided that the dominant colour is white.
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Tip No. 2

pamper your lingerie

Fine undergarments need to be cared for. As a result, it’s essential to wash bras in a special mesh bag or a pillowcase to keep the clasps or hooks from catching on the drum or, even worse, another item of clothing. With panties or bikinis, don't exceed the temperature recommended on the label since this can cause premature wear and tear.
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Tip No. 3

be gentle with new clothing

Contrary to what you might think, brand-new clothing is not stronger or more resistant. We thus recommend that you wash new clothes for the first time inside out and at a maximum of 30 degrees.

Tip No. 4

turn your jeans inside out

Some jeans run, others fade. If you want to avoid any unpleasant surprises, don't forget to turn them inside out. This will guarantee that your jeans last a long time.
Tip No. 5

be wary of reds, greens and blues

These are highly unstable colours. You thus need to sort your clothes as much as possible in order to keep your beautiful and immaculate shirts from taking on a colour that's, let’s say, unexpected. And if you can, further sort these colours from light to dark. If a burgundy sweater runs during a wash, you won't have to worry if it's mixed in with black clothing.
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Tip No. 6

trust the label

Always follow the instructions on the label: it’s the best way to stay elegant. If the labels says that the item should only be hand-washed in cold water, take heed. It wasn't placed there by accident.
Tip No. 7

pay attention to weight of the load

Overloading your washing machine could damage both the machine and your clothes. In fact, putting too much clothing in the washing machine can lead to zippers getting tangled and Velcro damaging more delicate fabrics. In short, a washing apocalypse.
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Tip No. 8

wash your washing machine

If you're used to washing your laundry at 30°C or 40°C, we recommend you let your machine go through a wash cycle empty at 90°C (without soap or fabric softener). This will sanitise your washing machine by killing the microorganisms present in the drum. We recommend that you do this every three months.