• The Box can become hot after repeated use. Be careful when taking out any objects, as they may also be hot.
  • There may be a slight odour due to the new components, but this does not affect the disinfection process.
  • The grid at the bottom of the Box should be properly positioned, but to save space depending on the size of the objects, it can be removed before disinfection.
  • When the disinfection process has finished, open the box carefully, as hot steam will escape. Tip: open the Box by holding the red grip on the top.
  • Disinfected objects such as baby bottles or sports bottles may be hot after the disinfection or sterilisation process, so care should be taken and the thermo-protective glove should be used whenever necessary. For example, when removing sports bottles from the Tube.
  • After each use, remember to empty the residual condensation water from the Tube's water tray as well as any condensation.
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