Want to give your dad at least a little surprise this Father's Day?

Father's Day is great, but the same question always seems to come up: how do you surprise him? You've tried almost everything. Expensive wine, fancy restaurants, stylish ties... Sure, they made him happy but it's hard to find something new. It doesn't feel like a celebration any more - it's too tough! But this isn't the time to give up. Be daring and try a high-tech gift. He'll love it (he's always the one who connects up the computer) and it'll make him feel young and modern (he'll love that too). And what's more, it's always changing. You don't know much about it? No problem! See our selection of ideas. There's bound to be one he'll go crazy for.
Idea no. 1

Get him outdoors

Last year, you gave him a fantastic electric bike. But he still just sits in front of his computer. Even if it's a laptop, he can't really take it for a walk. The answer? Connected headphones for bike rides. That's how to kill two birds with one stone. Now he'll love this year's gift as well as last year's!
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Idea no. 2

Make him a bit smarter

You can never be too clever. The big thing this year is the development of anything and everything to do with artificial intelligence. Speakers and voice-activated assistants are already a big hit, but technology moves on at an astonishing pace. Having someone (a machine in this case) who does everything he tells them - that's got to make him happy.
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Idea no. 3

Give him a watch that doesn't just tell the time

A real cutting-edge fashion accessory, connected watches are a condensed version of our smartphones and even computers. In just a few years, the range has literally exploded with a huge number of different options for all uses and budgets. The functions of these accessories are no longer just limited to telling the time and pairing with our smartphones. The high-tech gift idea par excellence, the connected watch has become a real companion for our everyday life, collecting different kinds of data for information purposes.
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Idea no. 4

Give him the latest fashionable technology

Does he care about how he looks? Is he always dressed up to the nines even when he's only wearing a t-shirt? Surprise him. Make him fall in love with ironing. With the Laurastar Smart, not only will he get results, but he'll also be using the first connected steam system. As well as being an original gift for a man, the Smart includes a personal coach to teach him the basics of ironing through the mobile app. He'll love it!
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Idea no. 5

Take him back to his childhood

Help him (re)discover how much fun a scooter can be. Except this time, it's electric. Although this category of product isn't new, 2018 marked a turning point in its use, thanks in no small part to operators. In 2019, electric scooters are a must have for all self-respecting urbanites, as well as those who respect the environment.
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Idea no. 6

Teach him to fly

Drones have been big news for a long time now, but their performance is constantly improving. It's the ideal way to help him get some perspective, or rather altitude, and to discover stunning landscapes (or even his house from above). The perfect way to get a bird's eye view, even for those who suffer from vertigo.
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