How can you look after your sports items to keep them in good shape

Whether it’s regular training or a new year’s resolution you’ve decided to stick to at all costs, there’s no better way to get in shape than through sport. Either way, you still need to be well equipped. Sports clothing can filter UV rays, absorb sweat and keep you warm. They are usually made of technical and delicate materials like Lycra, elastane or polyester, which require special care. But don’t worry, nothing is too challenging. To keep them in as good a shape as you are, all you have to do is stick to a good routine. To help them last longer, keep them clean and eliminate sweaty odours, here are a few “exercises” to be practiced regularly.
Exercise no.1

air out your clothes

When you finish exercising, do you screw up your clothes into a ball inside your bag? Poor decision referee! You should always hang them up and air them out to prevent bad odours from becoming trapped in the fabric. And to ensure they’re sanitised and to achieve the best results, you can, for example, use a steamer.
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Exercise no.2

choose the right temperature

Never wash your sportswear at more than 30 degrees. This is usually the quickest way to damage synthetic materials and reduce their lifespan. However, washing at low temperatures doesn’t eliminate all bacteria. So, to avoid any sweat marks, wash your clothes immediately then disinfect them with steam.
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Exercise no.3

use the right detergent

Choose a gentle detergent that is suitable for delicate fabrics and does not contain bleach, enzymes or optical brighteners that may discolour your clothing or damage fabrics.
Exercise no.4

avoid excessive abrasion

To avoid any friction that could damage fabrics, wash your sportswear together and turn clothes inside out. Don’t forget to fasten any Velcro or zips to avoid unwanted surprises.
If you don’t want to do one wash just for your sportswear, the solution could be to use a laundry bag.
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Exercise no.5

don’t use fabric softeners

Fabric softeners don’t like sportswear. They clog fibres and neutralise the absorbent effect of the item. But how can you exercise without sweating?
Exercise no.6

air-dry clothing

If you use a tumble dryer, you risk deforming your favourite sports clothes, the ones that always help you win. Nothing can beat the traditional method of air-drying your clothes (outdoors if possible), which will also normally dry them quicker.
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Exercise no.7

permanently eliminate odours

Bacteria love damp environments and are the cause of bad odours linked to exercising. Baking soda, vinegar or lemon can help, but there may be a risk of damaging the material.
The most natural solution is steam. It delicately penetrates fibres, rejuvenates materials and eliminates 99.9% of bacteria. Not bad right?
And you can use it for your swimwear, tracksuits, shorts, shoes, towels and even your yoga mat.

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