Are you short for time?

A lack of time is somewhat a characteristic of our era. A whirlwind of obligations but also countless opportunities to enjoy ourselves: from cultural outings to evenings with friends, from children’s sporting events to staying up to date with social media. It all comes down to prioritising... And organisation! So, to maintain an impeccable style all while not having to repeat, “I don’t have time”, this is your guide to ironing in 2 minutes.

The shirt method

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Start with the collar: lay it flat on your ironing board and iron carefully.

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Next, place the shoulders one at a time on the rounded part of the ironing board: you’ll see, it’s made for this! The material stretches automatically and allows you to iron along the seams.

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Next, place each sleeve on the ironing board, making sure the bottom layers of the fabric are stretched out to avoid wrinkles. Now iron the sleeves, making sure to mark the outer edges of the fabric.

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Turn the shirt over and iron the edge with the buttons first, then iron the entire surface of the fabric, one section at a time.

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Hang the shirt on a hanger and you’re done! Have you timed yourself?

The importance of being well equipped

For perfect results in half the time, trust Laurastar’s all-in-one ironing systems. The secret? The combination of an active ironing board – with a vacuum and blower system – a central steam unit and a professional iron. With this setup, your clothes can be easily positioned to avoid creases. You can iron your shirt either horizontally on the ironing board or vertically, directly on the hanger. Some of our models are equipped with a single temperature setting to avoid unnecessary adjustments. This can be applied to all materials, even the most delicate ones. Thanks to the power and hygienic properties of Laurastar DMS high-pressure steam, you can easily care for your clothes whilst naturally disinfecting and deodorising them.
Rediscover the joy of ironing
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The trick for children’s clothes

For your kids’ clothes, which are often more difficult to iron because of their size, use the tip of your iron and the steam. Did you know that by ironing clothes you also disinfect them? This is very practical given that children’s bodysuits are in contact with nappies and that we don’t always have time to wash the clothes at 60°C to eliminate all bacteria.