How can you please your loved ones, all while respecting nature, the environment and sustainability? Here are some natural gift ideas with this selection that will spark your creativity.
Our 5 natural gift ideas

A local fruit and vegetable basket

How about a surprise vitamin-packed basket delivered weekly? Offer a subscription for a basket of fresh fruit and vegetables from local producers or fair-trade businesses. Not only will you be supporting the local economy, but you will be giving the gift of time: home delivery will save time and hassle. No need to choose: the season, weather, and harvest will provide inspiration. It's a gift that keeps on giving!

Natural cosmetics

Taking care of yourself and your health, all while respecting the environment: that's the real gift. Give the gift of comfort and beauty with natural cosmetics and care products, which are now available in pretty, reusable bottles. Let yourself be seduced by honey, oatmeal and citrus-scented soaps. Discover new products like solid shampoo bars, coffee grounds scrubs and mountain herb creams. With healthy products, you send a loving message encouraging self-care, which is special in itself.
Natural cosmetics

A hygienic steamer to naturally disinfect your home

Are you sensitive to dust or simply want your home to be clean? Don't know how to deep clean your sofa or mattress? With IZZI and Laurastar DMS, you can finally give a practical gift to disinfect textiles and surfaces without chemicals. The strength of the steamer and the certified qualities of Dry Microfine Steam make it a great weapon against dust mites, animal allergens, bacteria, fungi and viruses present in the home. So say goodbye to possible infection and allergies thanks to a hygienic and natural steamer.

Natural fibre brushes

From hairbrushes to toothbrushes, polishing brushes to clothing brushes, vegetable brushes to washing-up brushes, from the garage to the attic, the house to the garden, one thing is certain: brushes have many uses! With handmade natural fibres, these sustainable products quickly become essential. So, how about creating a gift basket with different types of plant-based, multi-purpose brushes? Now that would be original. You could combine this gift with a hygienic steamer such as IGGI and add The Box as an accessory to take care of the fibres, all while naturally sanitising them!.
Zero waste

Zero waste

Keep drinks cold or hot with a lovely and stylish stainless steel bottle. In recent years, manufacturers have rivalled in creativity to offer the perfect gift for any taste: simple or coloured stainless steel, plain or colourful, large or small, water bottles have found their place in our daily life, whether we are out and about or in the office. Because drinking lots of water is good for our health. It smooths the complexion and gets the brain working. And as it comes with an infuser cap, you can drink tea on the go, even in winter. As it is reusable, you are advocating zero waste. It' s also easy to disinfect thanks to IGGI and The Tube.
Zero waste