Did you know that if your garment isn’t stained, there's no need to take it to the dry cleaners? Indeed, it’s possible to get out wrinkles and disinfect it yourself, at home or even when travelling, using steam! Here are 5 good reasons to take care of your laundry at home in a natural and efficient way, thanks to steam!
Reason n°1

Don’t wait til your clothes are dirty to steam them

Why do you go to the dry cleaners? Usually to entrust a professional with the care of a delicate garment—of a fabric you dare not iron yourself—or to revive withered fibres. Did you know that you can space these visits out? Today's textiles, as well as our nomadic and hedonistic lifestyle, have paved the way for the era of steaming. Quickly erase unsightly wrinkles on an outfit or freshen up a shirt to its core: in no time, steam revives your outfit in a simple, effective way.
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Reason n°2

Opt for natural disinfection to the core of your fibres

Purifying textiles and objects on a daily basis is a challenge! Powerful, certified steam like Laurastar's DMS steam is now known to have to reliably disinfect materials and remove 99.9% of viruses and bacteria without chemicals. It also reduces unwanted smells, especially at home on curtains, sheers and cushions, as well as on motorcycle helmets, etc.
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Reason n°3

Reduce the use of chemicals

Want to limit the use of polluting and potentially harmful chemicals? Conventional dry cleaning uses solvents and detergents to help remove grease and dirt. Some solvents are synthetic, such as tetrachloroethylene (or PERC), which has been shown to be dangerous to our health and the environment.

To avoid the use of chemicals, there is a natural way to take care of your laundry: steam! It’s suitable for all textiles and is ideal for clothes that are not stained. Caring for your laundry thoroughly with your steam-purifier or steam-generator is a respectful and practical alternative: fibres are sustainably sanitised, plumped up and rejuvenated. They return to their original appearance.

Reason n°4

Save time and money

You haven’t the time to go to the dry cleaner’s or to wait before you can wear your garment again, or you just want to lower your laundry bill. By steam cleaning at home, you save the time of your machine wash or your visit to the dry cleaners. And because it can travel with you anywhere, you can use it in just a few minutes before heading out—whether at home, at work or on the road.
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Reason n°5

Choose a sustainable solution

Looking to reduce your environmental footprint? With steam cleaning, reduce the number of machine washes and extend the life of your clothes (see "Understanding and adopting slow fashion"). Wearing a garment longer is also a mark of respect for resources and raw materials, which reduces waste as well. Finally, choosing a supplier that fights against programmed obsolescence with high-quality products that can be repaired for 10 years is also a bet for sustainability.
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Practical bonus

Which garments can withstand steam?

Some clothes should never be dry-cleaned and others always. To avoid any unpleasant surprises, refer to the cleaning instructions on the label and look for the circle! This symbol means professional cleaning, therefore dry cleaning. The letters F and P will give you guidance on the types of solvents to use. Also look out for the barred water basin symbol: it means that the garment cannot be washed by hand or in the washing machine.

Steam allowed
  • Clothing made from acetate, silk, viscose, polyester and other fragile fabrics
  • Coats
  • Clothing with special folds or fragile seams
  • Fabrics that have received special treatment (e.g. to stiffen them)
  • Upholsteries
Steam forbidden
  • Leather or imitation leather
  • Suede
  • Feathers
  • Clothing containing PVC, such as down jackets
  • Clothing with beading (which could melt)

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