Take care of your look and your health. All at the same time.

With a few rare exceptions, we all have the same morning ritual. We carefully choose the outfit we’ll wear for the day. Shirt, dress, or trousers, jewelry, coat... Everything is perfect. Except for a tiny detail that can ruin it all: small unsightly wrinkles... And most often, in the evening, we come home with the same outfit. But how can we be sure you not to bring back unwanted bacteria or, worse, a virus? Do you love fashion and want to stay healthy? The best trend to follow is to read our advice.


All set, you're ready to head out. The day is looking good. And so are you. But there, the horror, a little crease has mysteriously appeared on your favorite shirt. It’s wrinkled. It's a conspiracy. It just had to happen now, the day when you’re in a rush and almost late. No time to change your outfit. So how do you make these unsightly wrinkles disappear straight away? With a garment-steamer. The problem is quickly solved thanks to steam action. Your shirt looks as beautiful as the day you fell in love with it. Isn't life grand?
A new way to unwrinkle your clothes with IGGI
IGGI steamer


You’re at work and you’ve just found out you’ve got an important meeting. It wasn’t in the diary. The problem is your shirt is even more tired than you are. With a light and powerful steamer, the problem is quickly sorted. You hang your shirt on a hanger and it's like new. Plus, it smells fresh and clean. Phew! Your look has been saved. And your meeting too.
IGGI steamer


Looking forward to taking part in your best friend's wedding or heading to a wonderful part of the country for a chic restaurant? It’s been a long journey for you, as well as for your outfit specially prepared for the occasion. The result is it’s wrinkled. And the dress code is very strict... But you didn't come all this way to visit the dry cleaners. Now is the time to pull out your IGGI, the one that never lets you down. With its pressurized steam, your outfit returns to all its splendor in just a few seconds. Plus, it’s completely disinfected! It's not a miracle, it's IGGI.
IGGI steamer


The day’s gone by fast. Back home, you can forget everything and finally relax. Though not quite. One last step and everything will be a-ok. Take your steam-purifier and sanitize your things. Coat, scarf, cloth mask, jewelry—yes jewelry (especially the rings in contact with your hands)—hat, gloves, handbag and shoes (except if they are leather)... everything can be purified. You can finally unwind with a clear conscience—and always in style.
A new way to disinfect with IGGI
IGGI steamer

Your new
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