How can you make your new clothes last longer?

We all have a favourite outfit in our wardrobes that looks so good on us that we’d love to wear it again and again. However, with repeated washing and drying, coloured fibres as well as fragile materials may fade and lose their shine or suppleness. But now you’ve decided to be sensible. You promised that you’re going to stop throwing away clothes just so you can buy more: you’re going to choose your clothes better and take care of them like never before! No more impulse buying and no more closets filled with outfits you never wear. From now on, they will keep their original shine and you can wear them for a really long time... and who knows, maybe forever! Discover the secrets to keeping your fibres looking young forever!
Secret no.1:

Wash clothes less often

The first thing to know is the less you wash clothing the longer it lasts. Why? Each wash causes the loss of small fibres due to the friction of the fabrics. And it shows... Likewise, intense spin drying pulls on the seams and can tear the most fragile fabrics. And that’s a total disaster. So, the idea is to wear clothes for longer in between washes. Of course, that isn’t possible for all clothes. We’re not suggesting you give up washing your dirty laundry completely, but maybe reconsider what “dirty” means.
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For example, with jeans (which we all have at least three pairs of), you can wear then ten times before washing them. This not only preserves the jeans but also considerably reduces the consumption of water used for washing. A reduction of 77% to be precise. So, while your cotton top can go straight into the laundry basket without thinking twice after a long day, your jeans can be washed less frequently, especially in the cooler months.

Secret no.2:

Air dry clothes where possible

A tumble dryer tends to burn and weaken fibres.  So it’s better to not use it if you want to preserve your favourite clothes. Especially when all your clothes can be dried perfectly in the open air. For some materials, other drying techniques are preferred. To prevent knits from becoming deformed, flat drying is strongly recommended. For fragile materials, such as silk, you can also place your garment on a towel, then roll up the towel to spin dry it without stretching the fibres. It is then also recommended to flat dry them.
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Secret no.3:

Choose the DMS

DMS, Dry Microfine Steam, is a Laurastar exclusive. How does it work? Steam is diffused 15 times faster than the steam of a standard iron. That’s the beautiful secret of Laurastar steam’s heightened effectiveness. The expansion and power of the steam as it leaves the iron allows it to penetrate textiles uniformly and effectively, leaving them uniquely plumped. But that’s not all. Laurastar Dry Microfine Steam (DMS) does not leave your clothing damp, and it fixes fibres in place so that your clothes are perfectly ironed and thoroughly cleaned. Steaming is a good alternative to washing and the solvents used during dry cleaning for clothes that aren’t really dirty, such as your suit jackets, coats or scarves.
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