After several months of remote working, you're getting ready to leave the comfort of your home, meet your colleagues in the flesh, eat in restaurants, see your friends and even celebrate! To be honest, it’s really nice! That’s when you realise that you’ve lost all your good old habits! Here are a few tips on how to readjust to the outside world, safely and calmly, while protecting yourself and those around you.
Tip No. 1:

it’s time to deodorise and refresh your clothes with Dry Microfibre Steam (DMS)

Over the last few months, you will have opted for comfortable outfits and neglected the more sophisticated ones. It’s time to bring them back out! Tackle your wardrobe: rediscover those heaped, tucked away, even forgotten clothes. Sort out, try on, freshen up! To do this you can use Laurastar’s DMS, which thoroughly rejuvenates and deodorises even the most delicate materials. Rediscover the pleasure of putting together an outfit and give yourself a new look!
Tip No. 2:

mornings are sacred

To get your working day off to a good start, make sure your batteries are charged to the max! Make sure you have a good morning before you head back to work and the hustle and bustle of public transport. Set your alarm early enough so that you can take your time. Have a good breakfast with plenty of vitamins. Choose an outfit that makes you look and feel good. Smile at your reflection in the mirror and wish yourself a great day!

Tip No. 3:

make the most of seeing your colleagues

After many long months of remote working with rare ventures into the real world, it’s normal to feel nervous. You are probably not alone. Talk to your colleagues or friends to find out how they are dealing with the situation. Their advice will reassure you. It may even make you feel more confident. Make time for relaxation: set some time aside to spend with your colleagues, arrange lunch breaks in the park, check up on those you haven’t spoken to in a while. In fact, you’ve probably missed going for coffee breaks to catch up about the weekend, haven’t you?
Tip No. 4:

get out, move around, live!

Getting out means continuing to follow protective measures and hygiene practices on a daily basis. For yourself, your family and friends. Continue wearing your mask properly. Remember to change it regularly if it’s a disposable mask or to disinfect it if it’s made of fabric: 5 seconds of DMS are enough. And you can enjoy yourself too! There's nothing to stop you signing up for a dance class, joining a running group, taking part in cooking competitions, getting out your sheet music, singing at the top of your lungs with your children, going to the museum, having a picnic in the fresh air with friends, going for a bike ride: in short, get out of the house, do something nice for yourself as soon as you can and you’ll see that the worries of work will become lighter straight away.
Tip No. 5:

Home sweet home

In the evening, after a good day’s work, leave your worries at the door and gently close it behind you. This is often the best part of the day. Put down your smartphone, take the time to cook, have dinner with your family, enjoy your garden or balcony if the weather’s nice, take a bath, and relax. Get some peace and quiet and try to have an early night. Nights will only get better... so you can start the next day feeling even more motivated!